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One Plus One Clothing is a family ran clothing brand based in Dublin that provides young adults with urban styles which clearly reflect who they truly are.  We aspire to help individuals make a bold statement through the aesthetic urban styles that we provide. We are in an age where personal identity matters a lot and we all know that what you wear defines you or gives others a glimpse of who you really are.



Our slogan is, "People will stare, so make it worth their while." We believe through the pursuit of simplicity in clothing; we can draw attention towards an individual and cause the people surrounding to stop and to stare in awe. One Plus One Clothing ensures that all of its garments are capable of achieving this same reaction. We want to make sure that when people stare, it's a stare that they will remember



One Plus One Clothing was made to provide a style that uniquely defines an individual and to provide aesthetic urban fashion for the modern young adult. That's what we are here for and what we are about - showing people the real you. Shopping with One Plus One Clothing means that you'll never have to worry about portraying the wrong image. 

One Plus One Clothing was created in late February of 2017. What started out as an idea to sell male watches online transformed into the clothing brand that we are today.

Our Core Values


All of our products are product with a simplistic and minimal look. A clear and concise design with a single focus is much more effective at making a bold statement. This is at the forefront of everything we do.


We aim to remain consistent in the quality of work that we produce both now, in the future and in the past. We set ourselves to maintain the standard and image that we might have once had in the past.


It's impossible for anybody to climb steps without being able to walk. We take this into consideration with everything that we produce. We believe heavily that progression and learning from our past is  a key skill in producing up-to-date and quality garments.

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